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If you are looking for new customers or prospects, using the right mailing list determines if your Direct Mail is a great success or the opposite end of the spectrum. Marketing your product or service by direct mail allows you to geographically, demographically (gender, age, income, mortgage, etc.) and psychographic (interests, activities, magazines) pinpoint your potential customer better than any form of advertising.

Mailing lists are all about profiling targets. Mailing to the right prospects is the key to a successful direct mail marketing campaign; maximizing profits and minimizing expenses.

Mailing lists are compiled from thousands of different sources with thousands of different list profiles. Lists are available for individuals, organizations and for businesses. With business lists some of the more common ways these lists can be generated are by number of employees, amount of annual sales, type of business, branch or home office, contact names and many other various segments. With individuals there are a tremendous number of choices available such as average household income, head of household age, dwelling type, dwelling age, dwelling worth, gender, and families with children present, hobbies, interests, sports played, magazine subscriptions, donors, mail order buyers, mortgage holders and many, many other options making the choices in lists virtually limitless. MMC® often combines many list selects to better target their prospects.

The issue, at this point, really becomes what list should I use, which list is going to work best for my particular project. The answer is, MMC®. MMC® has tried different lists, paid attention to time of year, various offers and then tracked those results.   Besides tracking, what works best (best percentage of response), you want to also track what generates the very best type of business (most revenue, best prospect, etc.), what gives you the very best return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollar. This ROI is learned through mistakes and successes; both of which MMC® has experienced for you. The key is to track all of the results not just the responses.

Just like many things in life, you get better the more you do, the more information you gather, the more understanding of what works and what doesn’t. That’s why it is important to partner with MMC® for your marketing needs.

BlueGrass has partnered with MMC® in providing them with the most detailed, up to date data concerning their mailing lists since 1992. We have provided hundreds of profiled direct mail lists for their clients. In that time they have learned what works and what doesn’t. While you can never guarantee success, you certainly want to raise your odds of being successful by working with experts like the professionals at MMC®.

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