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MMC® has been in the sports and leisure marketing business since 1991. Targeted consumer research, profiled consumer lists, compelling marketing pieces, professional sales training, direct mail delivery and turn-key, no-risk/self-funding promotions highlight just some of our areas of expertise. MMC® does not believe discounting fees (or memberships) is a “healthy” or sustainable model for the golf industry. It is our goal to build a model that is complimentary to your existing business model that will allow us to “graft in” a new market segment that is sustainable.

We have developed, tested, and successfully implemented a customer building approach for more than 350 golf courses that is unprecedented in the industry today. Specifically, we are able to address the stagnant market place as it relates to generating rounds, player development, player retention, and revenue growth for golf courses. This is not a theory, but a proven method; and a powerful solution for our participating golf courses.

The golf division of MMC® was launched in 2006. Since that time, MMC® has partnered with more than 350 golf courses across the country. MMC® has worked with these golf properties to increase profitability, capture lost or elusive market share and solidify their future cash flow for years to come.

MMC® has consistently generated $100,000 to $500,000 in immediate cash in new business/golfers for our participating golf courses while setting them on a road to improving their annual net income by as much as $250,000 per year. These numbers are real, not hypothetical, and MMC® will be more than happy to provide any potential client with numerous testimonials attesting to the success of our programs.

Our approach involves a “loyalty based relationship” that will connect with your market. Today’s properties are faced with “at risk” memberships, green fees, event/outing play, food and beverage, range revenue, and so on, due to the current economic climate, too much inventory and not enough golfers, frustrations and disappointments suffered by new golfers brought into the game and left alone to fend for themselves, lifestyles and conditioned spending habits of today’s demographic.  With so much inventory available— places to play; customers are leaving their home golf course for discount /bargain play. Our research has shown that this group of “casual golfers” will play an average of 10-12 rounds per year. Unfortunately, these rounds will be divided by multiple properties. Marketing to these casual golfers with discount tee-times, coupons, daily deals, etc., only conditions the customer to wait for the next deal to come along, whether it’s from you or your competitor. You can’t build long term relationships and member loyalty in four hours. Relationships require repetition; just like building a muscle, it doesn’t happen overnight.

MMC®’s model is designed to bring the golfer in on an introductory golf membership (retention built-in) and lock up the relationship from the beginning. This model gives you ample time to cultivate the new relationship.

I know some properties are anti-membership for various reasons. You can call the offer what you want— preferred player’s card, annual pass, season pass, etc. But if you study the psychology of selling, you’ll realize the power of the label “member”. MMC®’s business model connects with these customers on their level and brings their loyalty and dollars to their new home course…your property.

The MMC® approach offers a no-risk/self-funding solution to executing market dominating campaigns to grow your loyal customer base. The program start-up requires no cash outlay on the owner’s end, MMC® is paid only on performance and you will handle (and deposit into your bank) all of the funds generated. The program is truly no-risk/self-funding and therefore, self-propelling. Each phase of the campaign from the start and moving forward is propelled and funded, by the previous phase. If for any reason the revenue has not been generated to advance the campaign, the owner can cancel our agreement at any time without any further obligation, financial or otherwise to MMC®.

MMC® works on a success only basis, so we receive absolutely no payment unless we are successfully growing your business. MMC® will provide the demographic research, market analysis, design, implementation, sales training, coaching, materials and extensive support, as well as a project manager to guide you through every step and every stage of the campaign, eliminating any guess work, wasteful spending and therefore delivering the desired result….a no-risk, self-funding, successful golfer acquisition marketing campaign that grows your golf course today.

Each project has a unique personality and is custom designed to meet the needs of the owner/operator. However, it is our responsibility to provide a balanced perspective ensuring that this promotion connects with the local market in a way that can achieve the final goals of the business, i.e., connect with the casual golfer, today’s business professional, rebuild loyalty (like it was in the ’90s), develop unmatched player retention, eliminate discount daily fees, capture higher dollars per round, get away from discounting and third party tee-time vendors and build a sustainable business model for the life of your property.

Since we entered the golf industry in 2006 over 50% of our properties have raised more than $100,000 in immediate cash, more than 25% have raised over $200,000 in immediate cash and more than 10% have raised more than $300,000 in immediate cash, and several courses have raised more than $400,000 in immediate cash, all in about 60 days or less with our no-risk/self-funding golf course cash campaign.

So when we make the claim that we are the most successful golf course marketing company in the world, we have the track record to prove it.

Having a great golf course to offer your potential customers is only part of the big picture. Times have changed and knowing what to do, and knowing what “not” to do is the difference between a $30,000 campaign with no residual income and a $300,000 campaign with increases in rounds and back-end revenue. The up-front number (cash collected) is directly proportionate to the residual income you can expect to see from your profit centers, such as, range revenue, green fees, cart fees, food and beverage, renewals, merchandise sales, lessons, etc.

Getting golfers through the door is the challenge of today’s owners and operators. Furthermore, getting golfers to commit to your golf course as their exclusive club of choice is an even bigger challenge.

MMC®’s target market are properties just like yours that are healthy and just want to recapture some of what has been lost over the past ten to fifteen years.

Most “marketers” are oblivious to, and/or lack the resources to important components like demographic research, market analysis, consumer profiling, professional sales training, buying habits and spending patterns/cycles of the consumer. It takes in-depth knowledge of all of these areas to maximize your marketing dollars for the greatest ROI while preventing wasteful spending. MMC® knows the “power of personalization” and has invested in a full time, 24/7 research and development department that spends 100% of their time devoted to profiling your ideal golfer. These efforts have produced an unparalleled formula for success by utilizing a variety of promotions for raising immediate cash, monthly receivables, increased daily traffic and planting the seeds for long-term residual income through increased retention around the country. MMC® leaves no stone unturned when it comes to growing your business, and the best part is, MMC®’s programs are 100% no-risk and self-funding!

If you have adequate facilities, MMC® can execute a proper marketing campaign to capture the elusive market; hence, enrolling a large portion of these consumers into your golf course exclusively. By converting these non-committed golfers into committed members you can significantly increase cash flow, rounds played, back-end revenue from profit-centers and drive up your net profits.

MMC® has designed 3 programs for you to choose from:

  1. Cash Campaign
  2. EFT Campaign
  3. Elite Campaign

BONUS: MMC® custom design 6 mini campaigns (absolutely free) for you to run internally after running our Cash Campaign. These mini campaigns are specifically designed to capitalize on the increased traffic and maximize the earning potential of your profit-centers such as, food and beverage, cart rental, lessons, range, merchandise, outings/events.

We have developed proven campaigns that target a group of individuals that 99% of all other golf courses have neglected. We have had the luxury of travelling all over the United States and throughout the world researching and formulating the best marketing and sales training systems specifically to support our approach to securing your market share. We have invested millions of dollars in hundreds of marketing campaigns since 1991 taking out the guesswork so we can provide our clients a proven method that works in the real world.

“Understanding the Task at Hand”

Only 11% of the population is playing on a regular basis, and fewer yet will commit to a traditional golf membership or loyalty program; as little as 3%. However, these players will play a predictable number of rounds somewhere in their local community. Do you know how to reach the other 89%…uncommitted players? We do!

The industry is in the middle of a storm, the facility in your area that is best marketed, educated, prepared, represented and willing to think outside the box will capture the attention of the 11% that are already committed to the game, and successfully weather the current storm and those storms that will inevitably follow. Unfortunately those who do not embrace the importance of promoting their product to capture market share will perish.

In addition to MMC®’s proven marketing strategies we will teach your staff how to define the emotional and logical needs of the customer, and then teach your staff how to eliminate the negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions allowing your staff to successfully present and “lock up the relationship” with the focus remaining on the wants and needs of the prospective customer/golfer. This training will be invaluable to your staff in every aspect of their service for your golf course today and in the years to come.

At the conclusion of our program you will possess all the materials necessary to support our program going forward, and to run future promotions of your own! Further promotional programs, marketing guidance and consulting will be made available to you first as a preferred MMC® customer.

Give us 60 days and we will give you financial freedom for life through a proven no-risk/ self-funding business model that will include…immediate cash flow, monthly and daily receivables, unmatched player retention, increased daily traffic and so much more.

“MMC®’s Leadership”

Chuck Thompson, founder and president of MMC®, has focused all of his resources in the sales and sports and leisure marketing industry since 1981. He began his professional career in a sales position and through the years transitioned through sales, marketing, management, mid-management, upper level management and ownership. Since 1991, he, along with his team at MMC® has concentrated their unwavering efforts on developing a strategic method that would allow them to tap into the uncommitted consumer marketplace. These efforts have produced an unparalleled formula for success, and a variety of promotions for raising immediate cash, monthly receivables, residual income and unmatched player retention for golf properties around the country.

“MMC®’s Support Staff”

In each region of the country, MMC® assigns regional directors to better service our golf courses partners. Our regional directors work closely with our area vice presidents to ensure the best possible results for all our clients.

MMC® has area vice presidents in four (4) regions of the United States including the West coast, the Mountain region, the Midwest /Southeast, and East Coast. In addition, MMC® is supported by our accounting staff, billing department, legal team, research & development team, consumer list generation department and professional printing and mailing partners.

Throughout MMC®’s site is a ton of free information on golf course marketing and professional sales training, so please take time to view the entire site for the free tips on growing the game, your golf property and your golf career. Watch the videos, read the text and pick and choose what is valuable to you and fits your current and future business model.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf property and your golf career.