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We, at Data Marketing Network, recognize delivery as an essential part of any communications strategy. For the last 18 years, we have made history by helping MMC® dramatically increase the profits of client after client. They have assisted in generating over 50 million dollars in new business for their clients.

MMC® trusts Data Marketing Network as their Direct Mail Provider due to our commitment and ability to handle any size project. Data Marketing Network has worked with over 2,000 high-end clients as a Full-Service Direct Mail Provider. We work hand in hand with MMC® running analysis to help you achieve the highest ROI. With our in-house postal experts and drop ship capabilities we achieve the best postal discounts and improve delivery of your project. We deliver your message to you audience utilizing a personalized proven direct mail program.

Data Marketing Network is centrally located within a two-day delivery point of the majority of the U.S. population. We have state-of-art printing and mailing technology and our focus is always on you – the client.

A properly executed direct mail campaign like MMC® offers has a proven track record of producing results – measurable results. We are proud to be a partner with MMC® since 1994 and are looking forward to many more success stories to come.

Please call us today (615) 313-7000 and ask for Francine Lyon. Or you can email her –

The Art of Delivery…Data Marketing Network.