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MMC® offers a wide range of services to help you grow your GOLF PROPERTY, THE GAME AND YOUR GOLF CAREER.
Starting with our “TURN-KEY CAMPAIGNS”; these are campaigns that MMC® will design and implement for you.
Our “CASH CAMPAIGN” is a no-risk/self-funding campaign designed to raise enormous amounts of cash in a very short period of time.
Our “EFT CAMPAIGN” are designed to increase your monthly receivables. These campaigns are designed around your current dues structure.
Our “ELITE CAMPAIGN” is designed for COUNTRY CLUBS that just want to bring in a few more affluent MEMBERS on their current price structure.
MMC® has put together a one and two year golf marketing membership club to teach you how to market and sell your GOLF PROPERTY and grow your GOLF career. This is a “REAL WORLD” hands on, membership that will give you the tools and education to start raising revenue today.
  • Your PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP is just $349 per month for 12 months (first and last month’s dues up collected up front) or just $3,298 PIF (approximately 21% SAVINGS).
  • Your PLATINUM PLUS MEMBERSHIP is just $229 per month for 24 months (first and last month’s dues collected up front) or $4,298 PIF (approximately 21% SAVINGS).
MMC® offers “CONSULTING SERVICES” on anything pertaining to golf course marketing and/or sales. If you are creating an ad campaign or membership drive we can help you maximize your ROI.