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The signs golf is getting ready to take its biggest hit ever are everywhere. In many of my videos, blogs, vlogs and so on, I warned about the future of the economy and the effect it will have on your golf course (business).

Trump has won the election and the stock market is going crazy. Unfortunately, what goes up must come down. For the past eight years, the government has been spending like one-day trillionaires keeping the economy afloat. Low interest rates kept institutions in business because consumers could still borrow money which helped the housing market appear to be recovering.

If you have followed my blogs and so on, you know I contribute the health of the economy to the buying habits and spending patterns of everyday consumers. You also know that I believe in patterns. I have been predicting a downturn in the economy for the past five years or so but the government has been pouring money into the economy like a drunkard pours whiskey down his throat.

Consumers are headed for some very hard times. Soon interest rates will go up which means the average consumer will be unable to secure loans which in turn will affect the housing market once again. The United States has been barely getting by on about two percent growth and once the interest rates go up the stock market will crash which will affect 80% of your golfers.

The stock market is setting new highs everyday but this is not a time to party—it’s a time to prepare. MMC® has a five year plan that will ensure that your business thrives during the economic tsunami that is definitely coming, so call MMC® today and let my team custom design a golfer acquisition campaign for your golf course that will profile, engage and lock up long-term relationships with your local casual and non-golfers today.

MMC® is a data-driven (our targeted golfers are qualified through a consumer profile), performance-based (we are paid solely on the success of your campaign), no-risk/self-funding (the campaign completely pays for itself and we require no up-front fees), turn-key (our team designs and manages the entire campaign from conception to close-out) golf marketing company.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.