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Trading Down Golf Course Marketing

Trading down is a golf marketing term most commonly used when a golf course is known for selling high-end golf memberships, golf products and golf services and offers lower-priced golf memberships, golf products and golf services. But trading down is not always considered as a bad business decision nor does it have to mean you are discounting by  pulling down your pants and revamping your entire business model and going after a complete different demographic.

Lowering prices or building a model where you graft in a new program that targets the casual golfer will fill up tee-times that have always been available and underutilized. This is just good business.  It is not trading down across the board; the smart golf course needs to target golfers from various demographic groups to fill up the slow times and keep their golf course profitable.

Golf courses are always trying to find new ways to acquire new golfers and raise revenue, but sometimes they fail to see the most obvious.  There are hours of available tee-times on every golf course’s tee-sheet throughout the world which stays open year after year, season after season, off-season after off-season and yet, they are neglected as a viable source of revenue.

The challenge is when the golf course starts to feel the financial strain and they need money, they automatically start discounting tee-times which is absolutely the worst thing to do because at that point, you are announcing to the public the rack rates for your golf course has been overvalued and you are now discounting your rates to compensate for the original inflated green fees.

The best way to capture this market is to call MMC® and partner with us to launch one of our no-risk/self-funding golfer acquisition programs. This way, you will maximize every minute of the golf course’s operational time without overcrowding and without discounting. You are just grafting in a different market segment.

This is not trading down. This is innovative marketing and when you start thinking outside-the-box, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

For more free tips on growing the game, increasing rounds through golf course marketing, golf marketing, golf course campaigns, golf campaigns, professional golf membership sales and advancing your golf career visit us today @ or call 904-217-3762.

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